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i'm about to do the following shoulders+back workout - please advise

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5x about 8 reps seated front military barbell press

5x standing about 8 reps dumbbell press

5x8-12 dumbbell side laterals

5x8-12 bent over dumbbell rear delt raises

5x about 8 wide grip pronated lat pull down

5x about 8 narrow supinated lat pull down

5x 6-8 bent over barbell row supinated

5x8-12 one arm row machine

goal physic = lionel beyeke shape with prime dexter conditioning

with dennis wolf skin tan

Other than to save time, what is your logic doing back and shoulders on the same day? And with that many sets, I don't see saving time as part of the logic.

after i completed the shoulders

the gym closed down

no back today


at least i got a decent delt workout


So, a larger muscle like the 'back' needs the same amount of sets as a smaller group like the shoulders?


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