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I came out of the hospital about two months ago and I'm still trying to get back on track. I had pneumonia and a bad reaction to the IV antibiotics they gave me.  Lost a lot of weight but coming back. I'm 58 and 5'8" 180lbs.  I try to do an exercise in the hardest way possible meaning a full range of motion and a moderate cadence. I feel it gives better results than lifting a million pounds and doing a half rep with the delusion you're doing the full movement. I have been running a day and lifting a day. I just came off 8 days straight of working out. I want to get back where I was before I got sick. Still carrying around about 8 pounds of fat. Zero drugs and zero HRT.

Back and Chest:

Pull up assist machine 2 x 9 30lbs. ( I know these are a cop out machine but my shoulder is shot and doing body weight pull ups would do a number on my shoulder area. Went slow and smooth. Dead hang to all the way up.)

Seated lat cable rows with a V handle 2 x 12 170lbs (full stretch going out)
Dumbbell rows with knee on bench 2 x 10 85lbs (dead hang down, all the way up)
Hammer pull downs 2 x 10 160lbs (real slow negative)

Hammer incline bench 2 x 8 4 plates total plus 5lbs
Flat dumbbell bench 2 x 8 75lbs (all the way down)
Flat dumbbell flies 2 x 10 45lbs (immediately followed by Hammer bench)
Hammer bench 2 x 6 185lbs(this model must be the original. Looks like an antique)
Push ups 2 x max

Deadlifts off floor 2 x 4 300lbs then 1 x 1 315lbs (I like to do these at the end of my workout. Keeps the poundage down and I'm all warmed up.)
Weighted back extensions 2 x 15 25lbs plate behind head

Ab Wheel 2 x 23 (abs are always sore after this)
Ab coaster 2 x 27 60lbs
Ab crunch machine 2 x 22 80lbs.

A lot of girls in the gym. I guess summer is coming.

How come so many steroid bodybuilders talk like they are in the WWE wrestling federation? A guy about 6'4" and all tatted up with a steroid look kept giving a high school kid lifting advice but sounded like one of those fake wrestlers in his speech pattern. Made me laugh.

Old lady on one of those inflatable balls. I told her to be careful they don't pop and she got all wide eyed.  Just joking miss. Didn't mean to frighten her.

Looking forward to reading your log!!

No training today. It was going to be a cardio day but staying at a casino last night the beer was flowing. Sometimes I have no self control.  Feel like crap. Reading a book I read in high school called, Long Slow Distance by Henderson in 1969.  What does this have to do with bodybuilding and weight training? I keep turning the pages of this small book and couldn't believe what I was reading. He was spelling out the HIT vs volume argument to a tee but on running terms. Take out the word run and substitute weight training and it was all there.

 In weight training there is no true definition of what HIT is. Every HIT fan has their own definition of the path to lifting Nirvana. Some guys have made their training so brutal and undesirable that they work out once every 5 or more days. How is that a good system?  Don't mean to get into the volume vs HIT.  I find for most of my training that 2 work sets per exercise and maybe 3 to 4 exercises per body part gets it done but I would never find fault with someone that uses 6 sets per exercise. Comparing Apples to Oranges. Both are hard work. Like a guy doing quarter mile repeat sprints being compared to a guy that goes out for 10 mile runs every day. Both are hard work of a different nature.

I will continue to play with 1 to 2 work sets per exercise for about 2 more months then I will be using more volume.  It would take me many paragraphs to put my thoughts into the merits and negatives of HIT and volume but for tonight the book LSD really crystallized my thinking of the matter. Intensity and volume are both important.  Lifting isn't rocket science and it never will be.

Legs today. No warm ups listed. Tried to do  a full range of motion with a moderate cadence of repetition.

1.Squats 2 x 8 225 then 1 x 1 275lbs (narrow stance, high bar olympic style)
2.Dumbbell squats 2 x 12 85lbs. (These are an awesome exercise. If you keep your  back upright and sink it then it's a really hard exercise.  If you bend over to deadlift the weight you are not doing a dumbbell squat.)
3. Stiff leg deadlift 2 x 6 205lbs
4. leg extension 2 x 12 165lbs ( I know weight on a machine is meaningless when you compare from machine to machine)
5. leg curl 2 x 12 90lbs

6. standing calf raise 2 x 12
7. seated calf raise 2 x 15 90lbs.

8. ab coaster 2 x 27 60 lbs.
9. ab crunch 2 x 23 80lbs.

10. 4 way neck machine 2 x 20 a side.

Watching a guy workout. Seen him many a time with the same delusion.  He puts the pin on the bottom of every machine but he cheats the exercise. For example shoulder press machine he puts the seat as low as it can go so the handles are about level with the top of his head. On the seated bench press he also puts the pin on the bottom of the stack and then adjust the bench handles as far out as they will go. Struts around like he's the strongest on earth. Bodybuilding attracts so many insecure delusional guys.

I always see this girl on the cardio equipment so many times I lost count. She really works out hard on treadmill and elliptical. Hardly ever see her on the weight floor. This time I saw her on the leg press machine and started chatting with her. Talking diet I told her I have to give up beer if I want to get ripped. She said why would you want to give up beer?  You have to live life. I really like her.

How's your weekly training split look? Nice leg session!!


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