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    Said to be the upper body squat what are your thoughts on them.


--- Quote from: chess315 on September 08, 2017, 03:47:08 AM ---    Said to be the upper body squat what are your thoughts on them.

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i think they're amazing for the tris and chest
You should have the mechanics to do them correctly-core braced, no stress on neck, shoulders not rolled forward, not using the lower back to cheat
But I think you need to be extremely careful with them
They're one of the best exercises but also one of the exercises that can truly mess u up

I once read that doing dips is the real test to see if you have healthy shoulders.

Doing pain-free dips let's you know that your wrists, elbows, and shoulders are healthy.

Probably just like squats... letting you know that your ankles, knees, and hip joints are healthy.

Most guys do dips really shallow and would benefit from doing them deeper. I think if you can do them then they are an outstanding exercise. So many guys have wrecked shoulders from benching that they can't do them without pain.

Dips, an overlooked exercise for many guys, that when done with serious intend can give serious results. If most guys would spend as much time dipping, avoiding benching, all might result in less shoulder girdle problems and better over all mass.. With basic dips your pushing down and along side the body, with a better natural grip (palms facing).  

When using a "V" dipping bar, a variety of hand positions, from narrow to wide, can be done as opposed to a regular dipping bar. . There's are also wider dips with the knuckles facing forward, giving a whole different stretch and feel to the exercise. Which ever you use, "V" bar or regular bar, a closer grip hits the triceps more. as a wider grip hits the chest more. Both hit the anterior delts. Holding a up right or a leaning forward position which dipping   cna change the whole affect of the exercise.

Ring dips are another very effective way to dip. Recruiting more muscle involvement because of the challenge of the stabilization of the whole body during reps. A core movement for gymnast.

Good Luck.



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