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Computers are the next level of evolution

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     I borrow from Bertrand Russell as well but like Ayn Rand, he didn't have AI! TRUTH. We can get closer to Truth(God) than we ever have in human history. The glory is right there. This is why we must be SO careful with this tool, for if it falls in the hands of the human ego we are DOOMED. We then have a false prophet instead of a savior.

     You should be able to type in "How is my President doing?" and have a wonderful equation that objectively measures economics, international relations, employment, civil and social unrest, taxation, and thousands of other factors, with objective analysis of all policies in seconds, compare them to all former Presidents and give you AI's approval rating of your President. But I type in how my  President IS doing now and am told my President is an angry hateful. racist, a senile, old man or the first black, the first female or some other irrelevant statistic. WHO THE FUCK CARES?!!!!!! How are their policies affecting the Country? OBJECTIVELY.

And no, "Presidential Historians" or other human experts are not objective, they are just apostles of truth. God is Truth.

Concerned about police brutality? Before running to BLM or some other ego driven cult, how about asking AI?

My numbers aren't perfect because I'm not AI, but there are roughly 10,000,000 arrests made by police in a year. There are roughly 1,000 people that die each year at the hands of police.

So approximately 0.01% of people die while being detained and/or arrested by police. But 10,000,000 is the people arrested or detained every year.  I don't want to be unfair to cops, so the total amount of people that die every year at the hands of law enforcement officials(out of a population of nearly 350,000,000 million with illegals) means that 0.000285714286% of the US population dies at the hands of a cop.  Any amount of deaths are too many, but why is this figure not at least debated and discussed before burning your fucking city down? And this is just a CRUDE formula by Notomorrow, a human. SO many factors could be included to get closer to the truth.

We are at the crossroads. God is Truth. God help us if we reject it(here I suggest a duality of God. I have to answer whether or not there is moral truth. I shall soon).


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