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Fresh Start at the Gym....Once Again

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3x10 with 30 second rest between sets:

Seated d-bell curls
Triceps push down
Standing EZ curls
Triceps  overhead extensions
Barbell wrist curls
Reverse EZ curls

10 min. Cardio

Weight 182

Trained Hams and Calves

3x10 with 30 second rest between sets:

One legged leg curls
Seated leg curls
Reverse hack squats
Seated hip abduction and adductions
Standing calf raises
Leg press calf raises
seated calf raises

10 minutes cardio on stationary bike - pulse up to 98

Weight 182

Obvious Gimmick:
"Never stop never stopping"

Trained back

3x10 with 30 second rest between sets:

Lat pulldowns
Bench rows
Low cable rows
Reverse grip pulldowns
one arm dumbbell bent rows

10 minutes cardio on recumbent bike - pulse up to 92

Weight 182

Good going!  At your age it's so important to keep moving and working out. I know sometimes the mind is willing but the body isn't.  Looking forward to seeing your journey at this stage of your life. I wish I could follow this advice myself but first do no harm to the aging body.


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