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R.O.B. (Rest Only Briefly)

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This guy from BSN wrote this one.  I tried it for my entire split for a week.  If you need a new routine or just something new , give it a try.  My legs were SORE!

So ur only talking about cutting ur rest periods between sets down??


A clever acronym, let me guess, his name was Rob too.  If you could be more specific I think we can belittle you a bit more.

No, seriously, that's a great idea.  Most dudes spend hours in the gym just bs'n or sitting around. 

  Only 20-30 seconds between sets.  I know it sounds crazy but try it for a day.  The bsn site has an article about it.  Just dont pay attention to the supp references and follow the program.

This is nothing new at all and just a way for Rob Thoburn to try to make a buck.

People have been training like this since the 1970`s for Christs sake!!


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