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Re: Stories - Your favorite stories re pros / legends
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thanks!  I'm only half way through this hilarious thread.  Too bad he's gone


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Re: onlyme, Max_rep, others: tell your favorite stories
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Rules, thanks for the Kerr book info

Speaking of "dungeon" type gyms, I bet there are less than 10 people still living who have actually trained at the Dungeon in Santa Monica. Dave Draper happens to be one of those ten. And me too, but it was so long ago, that I can hardly remember it

I do recall steps right off the street leading down to a dark hole underneath a building on 2nd or 3rd street in Santa Monica and most of the weights all over the floor. And it was very dark. Could that have possibly been the first hard core gym in the Santa Monica/Venice area?

I worked out at Pearl's many times but his place was in Pasadena. I knew nothing about the gym he had in Inglewood. I don't even know where Inglewood is. A guy name Solo was in charge during Bill's absense and an up and comer by the name of Rob Johnson was close friends with Bill and Judy. He was heading to be one of the best in California until he got under a too heavy bench and got injured and shortly thereafter returned to the midwest someplace. Can you refresh my mind on the Easton Brothers? They must have entered the scene after 1970.

Didn't Kevin Hall used to date Dianna Dennis?

I never read Tyler's book but I will check it out.

I do think Wally Boykos show was the Superbowl of Bodybuilding as someone mentioned earlier. But I am surprised that Arnold showed up for his events cause he was not an NPC or IFBB promoter and Weider obliged to stand by the NPC only as agreed upon at a meeting we had years earlier.

I knew Barry Clothier when he trained at Gold's on 2nd street in Santa Monica. Soon thereafter I think he ran a gym owned by Ed in the SF Bay area someplace. I have not see Barry since then.

I also knew  Rick Stephenson pretty well back then and had a short visit with him and his partners when they opened the Pacific Beach Golds. I forgot his partner's name but he was a good looken kid who had some great potential and planned to compete. But I never heard of him aften that. I reall some neon lights in that Gold's. Does Rick still own it or what?

I gotta say that  Joe Valdez is one of the nicest guys I've met in this sport ..... Bar none! We manage to carry on pretty long conversations when we run into each other. Joe is a collector of birthdays and remembers them all. Joe is presently in a home and not feeling too well on occasion.

The 80's might have been great but the "earliers" were better, I've seen em all so you'll have to take my word on that. This may hurt a few but the biggest disappointment in this sport has been the Personal Training Business which I won't go into right now, but I do think I casually mentioned it earlier.

Thanks, all..........  Kev
not that anyone cares cuz this thread is so old. Ricks young partner was Johnny from Cannonsburgh Pa. Johnny was my good friend and college room mates cousin. We all competed back in the day. Johnny looked really good. He and the third partner eventually split with Rick and opened the San Marcos ca  golds gym. I remember as my roommate and I were preparing for the Pittsburgh bodybuilding championships we were freezing out asses off in Pitt and Johnny sent a vhs tape of him competing. That fired us up. His trainer in San Diego had hi ripping up newspapers or magazines as I recall to help build his forearms. I eventually ended up in Cali and did become a casual aquaintance I wouldn't say friend of Johnny but he was always really nice to me. I remembet me trying to buy some spandex tights with vertical stripes lol and Rick or Johnny wouldn't let me pay. I did run in to Johnny at the Olympia at universal studios I think it's the one where Haney retired. Johnny and I were both floored at how big Vic Richards was hanging out in the lobby.

Not sure what johnnys doing today.


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Re: Tell your favorite stories re pros/legends
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Kevin again,,,,,

And before I take a break, here's a photo of an upcoming guy who visited Cal last year and enjoyed it a lot. He and his girlfriend showed up in LV to watch the USA. He was in great shape when he first showed up but someone took him to a LV buffet and he got addicted and blew up within a few days of "fine grazing".

Great kid to talk to and loads of potential. They both loved their So Cal visit and all that food in Las Vegas.

Ha--a young flex Lewis making an appearance

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Re: Stories - Your favorite stories re pros / legends
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This thread rules