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Welcome to my new page where I will continue to share my bodybuilding endeavors and maybe more. I am in the zone now with my preparations and will be going out to Helsinki to compete in the Wabba Universe the 3rd weekend in November. 3 weeks prior I may step on stage at Wabba Ireland in Derry and defend my overall title there for the 3rd year. I am also guest posing at the BSN Classic August 31st in Belfast.

Its not all about me though so I welcome your interaction. Maybe this can be a space of learning and inspiration for all of us.

So far today I trained thighs/quads;

5 sets leg extensions 100kg x 15 (rest pause on last 2 sets to make the 15 reps)
5 sets hack sled press 200kg x 10
3 sets each leg bulgarian lunges with 25kg kettlebells x 10
3 sets static wall hold x 1min, 45seconds,30seconds

Maybe go back for more this evening or just CV.

Rascal full:
Nice to have a target on the calendar to work towards. Hopefully this thread contributes to your motivation and that of the other people that post here.

What you going to do differently this prep?

local hero:
Good luck with your up and commings... Why wabba and not nabba or ukfbb tho if you don't mind me asking?

Thread Stickied.

Good stuff Ro, will enjoy tagging along on the journey no homo


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