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Does Ron actually read his PM's or no?

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Methyl m1ke:
Because I sent him a couple PM's asking for help getting my old account up and running (I forgot the password. Its been a very long time. )


Methyl Mike here, I'd like to use my real account if you please.

Methyl m1ke:
I will take that as a NO.

No problem- would someone else help me?

Princess L:

--- Quote from: Methyl m1ke on September 21, 2019, 11:04:03 AM ---I will take that as a NO.

No problem- would someone else help me?

--- End quote ---

I'll try.  I'm not finding Methyl Mike existing at all  :-\ but the name sounds familiar.  Send me a PM


I do -

Methyl m1ke:
According to this post, someone decided I was a dupe of groinktropin???

Re: Ex owes you money wwyd?
Reply #14 on: November 06, 2015, 04:17:44 AM

Quote from: BodyMachine on November 05, 2015, 08:09:20 PM
What would you do? You asked nicely more than a few times. Woman are tricky some will falsely cause trouble for you

Move on.  And learn the lesson: you were a fool!   

Never loan money.  Give money, if you are inclined to do so, but never loan money.  When someone asks you to borrow money, redirect them to a bank.  Banks are in the business of loaning money and that is where people should go if they need to borrow.  If they cannot qualify for a bank loan then.... well, do I even need to finish that sentence? 

A final tip: never trust Methyl Mike (GroinkTropin)

That dude (BAYGBM) is way off. I live in the bay area (san jose) he can meet me if he wants. I don't know what to tell you, I am not a dupe of anybody. I have had an account here forever and ever. I used to post on elite, anabolicfitness, anabolicscience and I think that's it.



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