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Jack T. Cross:
Nothing better than a legit documentary. Let's help each other sort through the bullshit to get to the good stuff.

If you could give at least a few sentences description with the post, that would be nice. (And with luck I won't be the only person posting in this thread)

Jack T. Cross:
Louis Theroux looks carefully at a situation to find the most effective way to stir the bullshit, which sometimes makes his documentaries pretty borderline (to me), but he's SO good at it, it's tough not to watch...

This is about the Westboro Baptist Church. I actually found myself understanding their POV through this (not necessarily agreeing with it, but it became less mystifying to me):


Jack T. Cross:
Louis revisits the Westboro Church, four years later:

Jack T. Cross:
One day I watched this without giving it much thought, but for some reason it became very memorable. So much unintended humor in such short time, I guess. The main guy (Joe Blackburn) is great, and by the end of the flick, he's on his way to managing himself quite well. It is about people that cannot curb themselves from eating practically nonstop:

(It may be currently unavailable to stream from youtube. It's called Can't Stop Eating)

Jack T. Cross:
I'm sure many of you have already seen this one, but it's worth the post, for sure. It is on bodybuilding culture.

About midway through, Louis is at a hotel with a female BB and her schmoe, and he (Louis) starts edging toward the obvious with the BBer, which makes the most amusing part of the vid. (Haha..You can tell by the editing during the exchange, that it took some work for Louis to get around to it):


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