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first cycle - please help

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I need some help on this cycle. Deca 400/week, equip 200/week, Premo B S, Stanazol 200/week. I would really appreciate any suggestions.

This is a first cycle?  I hate it, you must learn some basics first.  Are you just throwing a bunch of drugs together?

Heres what you should do.  Pick one of the drugs you listed, I would recommend the Equipoise or the Deca.  To this include, preferably because of its fast action, testosterone propinate.

Do this cycle for 10-12 weeks.  As a beginner this will be 3 shots a week.

Mon- 125mg test prop, 200mg deca or EQ
Wend-125mg test prop
Fri-same as Mon.

you should do this cycle (i assumed that u know about steroids )

three days before testesterone you sould start to proviron(masteron) 25 mg daily(derivative of DHT)
reason:testesteron usually bind to protein like SHBG and albumin in the bloodstream
to prevent this u need to take masteron because masteron will bind before testesteron
so there will be more free testesteron to be used in the blood.
first week:
 u should start with 750 mg testesteronewith proviron 25 mg(daily)
note:if u are sensetive to ostrogen i reccomend u to start nolvadex   (tamoxifen citrate)or
for extreme stuation(i dont recomend)u suold tke arimidex
dosage depending on how sensitive u are but usually start with 20 mg if u feel pain in your breast after two or three weeks u can increase the dosge slowly like each day u can increase 20 mg untill 40 mg max but as i said it must be gradually u can take winstrol which is derivative of DHT can help to increase androgen level that be useful for gynecomasi treatment also it is a mild muscle builder but as testesterone conver to DHT winstrol also increase DHT in this case aramotyze enzyme like 5 alpha reductaze can be couse of hair loss to prevent this u can use proscar or propecia 1 tbl (daily during the cycle)
week 2

500 mg testesterone(weekly)25mg proviron(daily)20 mg tamoxifen citrate(daily)
now u can take anabolcs like nandrolone or primo  400 mg or 600 mg weekly and 200 mg winstrol
note:u can use clenbuterol to increase the anabolic effect and to burn fat but some people says that clenbuterol reduce the effect of T3 in the body so i dont recommend
and usually after three or six weeks the effect of clenbuterol is going to be reduced.
week 3
500 mg testesterone(weekly)'25mg proviron(daily) 20 mg nolvadex(daily) 1 tblt propecia(daily)  200 mg winstrol and 400 mg anabolics what ever u got .

week 4
week 5 6 7 8

you cycle is a 8 week cycle .

-after the cycle you need to know that  what kind of ester which testesterone included was used. for example sustanon has four esters which activate different times in four week long  so sustanon is effective four week long or propionate is active for short time like two days u need to know this because u have to use HCG (pregnyl:brand name) to prevent the homonel crash(when u begin to use androgens u body stop produce)if testesterone is still active HCG doesnt work so if u use sustanon  u should begin to use HCG after three weeks end of the day of the cycle.if u use other kind of ester u need to know that how long is ester active.HCG dosage depends on the anrogen dosage that u used during the cycle for this cycle it would be like this:

5000 IU first after five days second 5000 IU after five or six day 2500 IU  HCG

if u have gynocomasi u should take tamoxifen like this(even if u dont have gynocomasi i recomend u to do this to treatment for hormanal crash and prevent to catabolism.)u should start with HCG
(u can combine with(25mg daily) clomiphen citrate to increase the effect with cheaper way)
for tamoxifen citrate
1 seven days 50 mg(daily)2. six days 40mg,3. six days 30 mg,4.five days 20 mg,5.five days 10 mg.
and u can take low dose primo(three or four weeks100mg) to support anabolzm at this point but it has to be mild because every anabolic produced from testesterone so they have low or high androgenic effect.


Sorry for the delay, but here is the full details of the cycle:
Week 1: 1 Premobolan S tab per day, 1.5ml Eqy, 2ml Deca (Sundays)
               Wednesdays same as above with 1.5ml Stanazol 3 times per week
Week 2 - 7: 2 Tab per day, 2ml Eqy, 2ml Deca (Sundays)
                    Wednesdays same as above with 1.5ml Stanazol 3 times per week
Week 8: Sames as week 1.
After course Pregnyl 1500IU and Clomin 10 tabs

Do a search for "first cycle advice" please!  This is a terrible, horrible cycle.


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