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Clen for the experienced Male

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I see how you guys mostly think clen should not be used by females and the general public just trying to shed a few pounds.  Well I have some that I have been thinking about taking and I am a pretty experienced bodybuilder who is muscular and relatively lean, and I want to take it to the next level of fat loss.  I am about 9-11% and want to hit the 4-6%...Should I consider using it or is it just not worth it in the end. 

Clen IS like fancy ephedrine . . . save your money . . .seriously

Your dlusional IF you think something like that IS
going to get you in the realm of contest shape.
The same $$$ that you would waste on Clen
could go towards something capable of this.

You  NEED  R E A L  DRUGS - stroids to acheive this.

Let me guess your supplier (that makes gobs of money)
selling this sh!t to you - IS the one telling you this.

I don't mean to burst you bubble - get real
about your approach to bodybuilding.

How old are you?
How many year of BB experience do you have under your belt?
Have ever done anabolic steroids?
Or are you ready for this?

Dude, I have done a good share of gear, and am in no way a delusional beginner that thinks clen is a miracle drug.  I am 510 about 180 and deadlift a good 550.  I have earned my stripes.  I did not waste my money on the shit either.  I live in L.A.(Real close to Mexico you know) and me and my buddies literally are swimming in gear, and I got 100 clen tabs (10mg) given to me by a guy who was short on dough and owed me some cash for real gear.  I was just curious if I should even take it or just sell it to some shmo like you described

just an fyi clen doesnt come in mg it comes in mcg

your totally right...But what do you think.


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