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1) are online sources a good idea?  it seems they could be easily monitored, and what's the legality with customs and what not?

2) Can you fake test if it is in a vial?  if you have enough money to produce vials, then i imagine you would make more off of legit stuff...

thanks guys!

firsttimer, had some fake stuff pass my way, and after 7 weeks, i LOST 4 lbs.  diet/routine/etc. were all there.  so, I guess i'm still natty! 

hi, if u think that one stuff is fake, just bring it to some lab on testing ! t is better than to use shit !

oops, by vial i meant ampule.

thats such a small photo, i cant tell if is real or fake, if ur losing weight and eatring and training the way ur suppose to, then id say u got fake gear or ur not doing SOMETHING right. as for online sources, i just woont trust them. and yeah u can make more money if u have legit products but people dont think that way, they want money now and if they have to screw people over to get it, theyll do it, idiots   >:(


yes amps can be fake there are tons out source are great but if you live in the usa go with domestic email not trust site 99% rip off..

if you need a source check email me..i know most of them around the next.


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