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Are UFOs real ?

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I am not a sci-fi Freak but watched some NASA films from space Encounters...really does make you think when ex Astronauts speak out about it  :o

The Scott:
I think it is not just possible, but highly probably.  Too much out there for it to all be empty of life.

tell you what look at some of the NASA film stuff... opened on this channel

as real as ESFitness showing a picture of his top conditioned body! (sweetspot#6)

I am sceptical as to there existence.
You would have to say with limitless amount of stars and possible planets,
the possibility of other forms of life would be high.

Only with so many ufo sightings, why is it they do not land in a major city in daylight
so it can be seen by all and not denied / covered up by authorities.


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