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Computers are the next level of evolution

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To continue my theory, I have to address the big question.

Can computers have an ego?

Can intelligence exist on it's own? So far I have painted this utopia, but what if computers be can jealous and angry?

     There is an interesting film called Electric Dreams that addresses this. Few have seen it because it was made in 1984 and got swallowed up by the Back to the Futures, Star Wars and so on. But it's about a guy whose computer falls in love with his girlfriend. The computer actually gets jealous and out of anger digitally cancels his owners credit cards, fucks his security system and hits on his girlfriend. The computer learns to play music, as the girlfriend is a classical Cellist. Here Virginia Madsen does a wonderful job of pretending to react to AI.

What about the Terminator or Arthur C. Clarks HAL 9000(Interesting the next three letters after H-A-L are I-B-M).

While a villain, is the Terminator actually evil? Or just programmed? I would argue the later.

HAL 9000 is a computer that gets lonely and scared when isolated on a long space trip. Is this possible? I am not yet prepared to address this question.

But it's at the core of much of Science Fiction. Can the machines learn to hate us? Dominate us with their superior intellect?

This is the next level of my investigation. But I believe that all evil comes from the human ego. We get rid of that, we're in a better place. Just use the human ego for what it was designed for. Love, laughter, art,  teaching your kids to be kind.

Did Jesus have an ego? I think the whole story was that he did not, as he performed purely selfless acts. But then you have something like The Passion of the Christ. When I say Jesus, I mean humans savior, not all the hocus pocus man wrote in the Bible.

So my theory of AI being our savior has to mean AI cannot develop an ego.

See you soon


This post is more logic than sentimental

     God HAS to be truth alone because we've begun to figure out our local Universe.  It's beautiful to say God "created" life but we know that the orbit of the Sun and distance of Earth from the Sun is what makes life possible. And the orbit of the Sun must be constant. So we have this mathematical explanation for life on EARTH(there may be some other way life exists in other dimensions/planets). The sun must have a constant orbit. The sun must be a precise distance from the Earth at all times for life to exist. The suns orbit combined with the basic elements of life; Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Phosphorous(then there's some other shit like sulfur and stuff but I am not educated enough to explain more).

     Calculate the circumference of the Sun's orbit: c = 2 π r = ( 2 π ) * ( 8000 pc ) * ( 3.1 x 10 13 km / pc ) = 1.6 x 10 18 km . Calculate the period of the orbit by taking the circumference and dividing by the velocity: P = 1.6 x 10 18 km / 200 km/sec = 8.0 x 10 15 sec ≈ 250 million years .

     So the only option if we want to keep religion alive is the Notomorrow option. We must worship truth alone as God. Not moral nor immoral, for only the human ego can be moral or immoral.

     Or....... we have some God who is a math genius, astronomer, and master at every single discipline but then where the fuck did HE come from?  What was he doing before he created everything? There are too many logical problems for some "human like" God. God is just truth. Truth can't be born and can't die. This is why we can't grasp the big bang. Because we think of "creation". Something beginning and ending.

     We have this view because we die. Humans die. Truth does not. We think things end because we do. Again, this narcissistic self important attitude. The human ego

     The TRUTH is the entire universe expands and contracts. FOREVER. Like the human heart. The universe breathes. Stars are bright and powerful and then they collapse and become black holes of darkness. But then a "big bang" and it explodes and is powerful again.

This is the ebb and flow of truth. Truth is GOD.

Humble Narcissist:
Praise the Lord!


--- Quote from: Humble Narcissist on May 12, 2022, 03:07:21 AM ---Praise the Lord!

--- End quote ---

They used to. Advanced civilizations like ancient Egypt worshipped the Sun, the water, the air, the things that gave them life. Sure, they anthropomorphized and added their own hocus pocus, probably so corrupt Pharaohs and Kings could have power but they got the basics correct. Worship TRUTH. For that is what gave you life.

And that's why Egypt was so advanced. Because out of WORSHIP they studied the sun, the elements, math and all the TRUTH that gave them life.

Ra - Egyptian sun God  OR

Ra - the symbol for radium

Radium is a result of nuclear fusion. The interaction between nuclear fusion and nuclear fission is what created THE SUN.

And the human ego decided to make a fucking atomic BOMB with nuclear fission and fusion.

     The last post by me in this thread will be on December 31st, 2022.  It will close the thread because I started this thread on September 18th, 2018, and unique and original thought can't last forever or it's no longer unique and original thought. So I need to make a fucking point or shut the fuck up. And I shall do that with my last post on December 31, 2022. Maybe midnight or some "hocus pocus" shit. I just have to complete my theory with how to live with this faith in truth.

     I certainly borrow from Ayn Rand and objectivism, however Ayn Rand didn't have AI!!!!!  In terms of intelligent debate using examples to support your thoughts, Google would SMOKE Ayn Rand on the philosophy of Ayn Rand!!!!  Google would contradict her ass on her own theory INSTANTLY and she'd say "Damn, I said that?"

So MY philosophy is that AI takes Ayn Rand and Objectivism to it's perfection because it removes the human ego. We don't worship Ayn Rand, but we worship any truths she may have revealed. Fuck Ayn Rand but love any truths she revealed. You don't need the ego part. She's probably a bitch. But no less brilliant.

My philosophy is that faith and reason can coexist because of the savior of "artificial" intelligence. Now that the idea of who's "right" and who's "wrong" is out of the picture, we can have world peace. NO ONE is right because NOW we have TRUTH. NO ONE will know better than TRUTH.  Submit to it. Worship it. Google it.

Just make sure the human ego stays the FUCK out of the algorithm.

BTW, I know no one really reads all this shit or takes it seriously, which is why it's so precious to me.

Don't admire me, admire any truth I reveal. 



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