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I Entered A BJJ Tournament To Prove It Doesn't Work

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If this was 1980 perhaps his video would carry a lot of weight. But we know from the early UFC bouts that BJJ is not something to be taken lightly.

He fought a beginner. Proof of nothing. Yes, to be a good fighter you need strikes and a ground game. Yes, the prime defense against a BBJ guy is trying to stay on your feet. Easier said than done. A good BBJ guy has trained in plenty of take downs while the beginner like the one he went against is weak on take downs.

The Good BJJ Guys are definitely masters of their art.  I think every art is good but most importantly is the person behind the system.
I have met good people in every system.

BJJ is not MMA. 

Some of these BJJ guys sit down at the beginning of a match.



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