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How do you encourage female in your life to get healthy

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I have (as I assume many of us have) a female family member who is very overweight and am worried about her health. How do you encourage them to clean up their diet and exercise to lose the weight. She was on a diet a short time seemed to do well but gave up eventually.

Not my wife, I'm single, just a family member.


A waste of time unless they're ready. You'll hear nothing but lies, excuses, BS, and probably alienate someone. Even worse... you'll end up hearing"I should have listened".

I tried for years to get my sister to do something about her weight. Got every excuse from "I love food too much" to "The bible says it's not what goes into the mouth that condemns a man but what comes out of it" and an opinion that the Lord blesses everything Christians eat so there's never any need to be on a diet, LOL! Now her fat ass is on metformin, LOL! When the topic comes up "Keep eating, they'll just give you insulin and other drugs" is all that gets said. It's what she wants to hear and I'm not wasting time giving advice she won't follow.

You really can't. There's no good way to intervene. Maybe try inviting her to do physically taxing activities. Something that she might like and decide to get fit for... A negative approach is guaranteed to fail.

Andy Griffin:
I give them encouraging nicknames like "Hippobottomus" and "Sally McJigglebutt"

Thong Maniac:
impossible task. she needs to want it


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