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Too bad Clayton was a ficticous charachter on ironage with about 5-6 different handles that he would converse with himself with........that`s why he is no longer there!

Don Ross again!!

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More Ross!

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Don and Bob Jodkiweicz !

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--- Quote from: Max_Rep on March 15, 2005, 02:30:17 PM ---Don Ross used to carry a picture of a chicks p***y in his wallet and whenever he suspected someone was gay he'd flash it at them like you flash a cross at a vampire. He'd say this is my "anti-shmevick" potion get away shmevik (his word for gay)! He was such a goof. He started hangin at Ray's gym just before I left.

Benny was not an asshole... he just got tired of being around Ray.

--- End quote ---
I cant believe you guys know Don Ross......and that shevick shit-he was doing that when I met the guy in 1979. I cant believe Onlyme did a commercial with Ross. The first gym I joined was Clancy Ross's Mr America gym in Walnut Creek. Clancy had Don as manager (no relation). Clancy is one of the pioneers of BBing, having won the 1945 Mr. America, and Clancy beat Steve Reeves twice in competition.

Now Don, I dont know if he was an idiot or it was all just an act-but he was such a goof ball everyone got tired of him at the gym and Clancy fired him. Arnold would not let Don compete in the 1979 Mr Olympia contest (IFBB, Show /Arnold as promoter and Don was from Dan Luries WBBG), and Don was pissed off about that. Don was able to go in a few IFBB shows, but his career was winding down and he did poorly. He was always calling gay guys the  shevick line.

Don then went over to a huge hardcore gym that had just opened in Oakland in 1980 called the Olympia Gym and was manager there until it was closed by the IRS in 1981-now it is a Gold's Gym. But Don Ross was a charachter to say the least. His line used to be "I have to take 3 dbol a day b/c I compete against the best BBers in the world". Don was from Detroit and started training at the orginal Powerhouse Gym in Highland Park, Detroit-run by the Dabish brothers.....Tom Platz was also from Detroit and reallly looked up to Don Ross, Tom said his training heavy and with super intensity came from Ross.

I have to say I was very surprised when Don had the big heart attack-about 10 years ago and died-he was in his 50's and in decent shape........

It is amazing how some people, when a competitor is in the zone of training for a big contest, come up to them during the toughest times of a set, and proceed to talk away, asking for a picture , for training information, etc.  Flex Wheeler said it best that the proper ediquette is to wait until one is done with a set or session and then come up afterwards, not right smack in the middle of it.


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