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Thank you very much to all the contributors to this thread - without a doubt the most interesting and informative BBing thread I've ever read, and a source of dismay to my manager here at work :-) Love the history of the sport, got to find some good books.

is max rep on here anymore????

Dammit. I trained at Venice all those years and have to say was quite big and strong for not taking drugs. The best compliment I had ever gotten was from big Jim Quinn that he was impressed with my strict squats. Worked out with 5 plates and squatted like I could be reading the comix at the same time. I honesty have to say tho I sucked at bench. Anyway, I wish I paid more attention back in those days but I was more mission driven get ti the gym, get my work done then get out and don't socialize too much at the gym. Im sure I missed out on a ton of fun stuff. Judging by some of the things that ended up happening to people though maybe it was the right move.

Dammit I'm getting old n miss those days.

I remember never wanting to work out at worlds even though we saw Arnold there a couple times. It was just a stones throw down the street and now I wish I would have at least experienced some workouts there. But wow, those were the days. Anyone who was anyone was at the Mecca. It was packed to the gills with pros, people who looked like pros, hottest fitness babes and celebs in n out all day long.

I'm gonna go cry now....

Funk. Was onlyme the getbigger that passed away a few years ago.


--- Quote from: Slik on March 27, 2016, 09:34:54 PM ---Funk. Was onlyme the getbigger that passed away a few years ago.

--- End quote ---
yup, real name keith jones see below for a long thread on keith.


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