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When Craig Titus challenged Phil Baroni

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As some of you know craig titus Challenge Phil Barioni to  a fight in king of the cage.  I believe    Craigs cousin runs or owns it.

Ok for some of you who actually think craig is tough.

If craig and Phil baroni fought,  and by the way Phil is a middleweight someone craig outweighs by 100 lbs.

Craig would get destroyed.

bodybuilders are not tough and have no fighting skills at all.

PHil baroni although not a great fighter, is a pretty good fighter and has the ability to ko people.

he also has decent wrestling skills.

Actually it would be a massacre. 

Bodybuilders are tough in the gym , but in a real fight , it is a whole new reality .

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Macaroni Baroni would last about 5 seconds with Craig, only as long as it would take for Craig to grab the broom stick....end of story!

What are you sniffing?  Craig can fight fool.  Anyway even if you are a good fighter wrestling skills will not save you when you are fighting someone who outweighs you by that much.  He would have to hope for a lucky punch.  Besides Craig beat up a light heavyweight from the UFC before. 

Bodybuilders are not pu**ies.  I don't see many people calling Ronnie Coleman out for a fight.

Some people are born fighters and others lovers and others none of the previous two.I bounced for 5 years and boxed and sparred for the same amount of time though i have currently given both up for Bodybuilding full time.
Titus maybe a born fighter the only way to tell is if he fights.I have put down a Black belt in karate down, 300 pound monsters down in my job of bouncing and there is no way to tell by looking at a man if he can fight its somthing your born with ,controlled aggression.Saying this i have had my jaw broken by a guy weighing 150 i was 220 sparring.
To a degree Fighting can be taught but unless it is born into your DNA fighting is mostly genetics and mental attitude so never write off a someone on there looks or you will be in a whole lot of trouble,that includes Bodybuilders.


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