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Tomorrow’s Man Magazine


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Anyone familiar with this magazine?

Was it a Weider publication?

Or was it an “Acme” magazine from Warner Bros.’ Roadrunner cartoons, lol?

And about this featured article... wonder what Hollywood wanted with “musclemen???”

i think rheo blair owned the mag in the early days and featured some of his students in it. rheo h blair aka irwin johnson.


Irwin Johnson started the magazine. Probably in the early 50's.

Though maybe not  intended in the beginning, the magazine attracted a lot of gay men.  Johnson ( Rheo Blair) was in the closet at the time, as a gay man himself. Let's just say that most  of the "bodybuilders" in the magazine were very young and not the most masculine.

When a teenager I had the opportunity to borrow a stack of the old Iron Man magazines (best BB'ing old school mag around, probably even today) from a old lifting friend of my uncles. A couple of Tomorrow Mans were in the mix, along with Strength & Health's (Bob Hoffman).

Johnson had some good ideas, even put out a training course. His "magic" protein blend, maybe a little bit too hyped, was his main fame. Had been told it was a low carb whey product, way ahead of it's time back then.  Guy's would get results from if, losing fat in the process, but there were also mostly on a low carb diet also.

Good Luck


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