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Ric Drasin, Former Bodybuilder and Wrestler, Dies At 76
He was the creator of the iconic Gold’s Gym logo.
Roger Lockridge
Roger Lockridge
Updated on August 31, 2020
On August 30, the bodybuilding community and world of professional wrestling both lost a profound contributor to both industries. Ric Drasin passed away at the age of 76. His family made a public statement confirming the news.

“This is Sami, Adam, and Shane. It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we have to announce the passing of our father. He was everything to us. A father, role model, and friend. Not only was he an inspiration for countless people, but he truly cared for those around him. His life was steered by the desire to uplift and share his positivity. He always found a way to brighten the room with his humor. Ric’s immeasurable presence will be with us all forever.”

Drasin began his fitness career in the 1960’s working as a fitness instructor at a local YMCA. His first major break came when he was given the opportunity to work as a personal trainer for women’s wrestling great Mae Young. During that time, he also entered amateur bodybuilding contests. Among his most recognized titles were as Mr. Central California and Mr. Venice Beach.

Working with Young was Drasin’s first brush with fame, but it wouldn’t be his last. He would eventually start training at the original Gold’s Gym and would become a training partner of seven time Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger. He also was the creator of the now iconic Gold’s Gym bodybuilder design. He also created the World Gym logo in the late 1970s.

Thanks to his connections with Young, Drasin would also become a professional wrestler. After some sporadic matches under the name “Dick Allen”, he would go on to work as a promoter. Among his most famous efforts was as the founder of the American Wrestling Federation. He also wrestled for the promotion and was a former AWF World Heavyweight Champion.

In his final years, he had worked as an interviewer, hosted his own popular YouTube show known as “Ric’s Corner”, and was a representative of Old School Labs. Drasin also wrote different books in both wrestling and bodybuilding as well as his autobiography called “The Time of My Life”. He had been dealing with several medical issues this year but the cause of death wasn’t officially announced as of this writing.

BarBend extends their condolences to Drasin’s family, friends, and fans.






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