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I got a friend who is competing in natural powerlifting events. He claims to be life time drug free and he has also showed me papers of being tested. At 245 pounds he is benchpressing a bit over 650p (with powerlifting suit). I asked him about drugs and he swore he is drug free. He has also been randomly tested outside competition and never got caught. Am I to believe he is drug free, or is he lying to face. If he is lying, then how does he manage to beat all the drug tests, even the random ones?


It's his business to be quite honest.

Not worth you thinking about.

Humble Narcissist:
Does he show any signs of steroid abuse?  Some guys will use water based injectables up until close to the meet as it only takes a few days or a week to clear the system and pass a drug test.  Can't do that with oil based steroids.


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