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How many business majors/business owners we have here?

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240 is Back:
Just curious.  What are you going to school for, and what do you plan to do with it when you're done?

Busienss owners- what gave you the courage to make the jump?

I have a biology degree.

I decided medical school was not for me and chose to become a female bodybuilding groupie.  My passion grew from fandom into business over a period of several years.  I never planned just happened, but since making the leap, I've been really serious about building the business each year.

Public Relations degree  8)

mechanical engineering degree ;)


--- Quote from: 240 is Back on June 30, 2006, 07:41:39 PM ---Busienss owners- what gave you the courage to make the jump?

--- End quote ---

Besides ignorance, ...the ability to build leverage in my life, the desire for freedom and a lifestyle of my own choosing based on what I wanted, not what some employer was willing to give me.

The idea of having to peel my tush out of a nice warm bed to go work for someone else disgusts me.
Training my own supervisors, and often doing the work they were never capable of, always disgusted me,

...and the joy of being my own boss, setting my own hours, and not having to hold my tongue if I choose not to, is a rite of passage I could never give up. Life is too short to be lived in a perpetual state of uncertainty regarding your status. The realization that there really are only 2 words between you & the door (You're Fired, Down Sizing, or Lay Offs (Take your pick). The realization that the only true job security one has is when you're looking at the boss in the mirror. Life is too short to be lived in a state of resentment, doing a job you hate, with co-workers you hate, or to spend the majority of one's productive hours begging for the clock to strike so you can run out to the nearest bar, and get drunk in an attempt to push the last 8 - 9 hrs out of your mind.

Following your passion is far healthier mentally, emotionally, spiritually & physically... and you accomplish a lot more.


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