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Loose skin on abdomen

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Guys serious question:  I am training this girl at the moment and she is only about 65kg when we started.  Anyway she is now about 58kg but has loose skin on her abs.  She has been training really well quite heavy and dieting like a demon.  Guys seriously in your opinion will this loose skin tighten up eventually as she looses more bodyfat.  She has possibly about another 5-6kgs to loose.  I keep on telling her it will but I am starting to wonder.  If it doesnt any ideas???

give it six months to a year to catch up

then the only hopeis surgery

Yeah I thought so, but these clients???  They will be the death of me I am sure.

there is some 'smart lipo' surgery now that is supposed to not only remove fat, but tighten skin at the same time. tell her to look into it.

It depends on how much loose skin there is, but I have found that Preparation H works well for me before contests to help with that problem. There's also the time factor, the skin will tighten up some on it's own. Good luck!


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