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what are your best lifts?

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leg press?



The Squadfather:
hahahaha, monster schmoe.


--- Quote from: The Squadfather on December 05, 2006, 07:35:30 AM ---hahahaha, monster schmoe.

--- End quote ---

HAHAHAHAHA  that made me laugh out loud. :D

Squat = 250 lbs. (Done with proper powerlifting form, knee wraps on, no squat suit.  I currently squat 165 to 185 lbs. for multiple reps...still proper powerlifting form, minus the knee wraps.)
Bench = 120 lbs. (I'm stronger with bench now but don't max out anymore.)
Leg press = 585 lbs. for multiple reps  (I just did 495 lbs. for sets of 15 on Saturday.)

I weigh 115 lbs. in the off season right now but have done these lifts at a weight of 110 lbs. and less.


 Wasssup, JODI-JOJO-JodiJo!

 Hey did you know THE BEAT can squat 225 for about 12 reps? I saw her squat 320lbs for 3reps. She ever tell you that?


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