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Hugo Chavez:

--- Quote from: Beach Bum on May 18, 2007, 11:35:52 PM ---Please pray for Berserker's mom, who recently had cancer surgery. 

--- End quote ---
Thanks Beach, Stella and all!

Berserker, how is she doing?  Only share what you are comfortable with :)

Can people just give good thoughts, or are prayers required?

it's voluntary  :)


--- Quote from: Beach Bum on May 19, 2007, 01:55:02 PM ---Great news about the baby Stella.  God must be paying attention to me.   :D

Ron is in Washington state at a wellness center going through some kind of holistic detox.  He'll be coming home soon to start his chemo.  He is remarkably upbeat.  He's handling it better than me.   :)  That's what men of faith do (which doesn't say much for me).  Thanks for asking. 

--- End quote ---

hey beach

if you can fill me in on the details of the "detox" he underwent for cancer....

id be very interested.


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