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Protein Jones:
I love when you guys start telling stories about training/hanging out with the guys that we've all come to know as legends.  Clayton on Ironage always used to talk about training at Gold's in 1969 with Arnold, Franco and others, but then he started throwing tantrums and stopped doing it.  I realize that you guys probably have an enormous amount of stories you could tell but just select a few that really stand out.

Oh, and this doesn't have to be limited to the old-schoolers -- if anyone has a great story involving pros or legends (bodybuilding, powerlifting, WSM, armwrestling, whatever), let's hear it.

Bill Brasky:
well..................I was Brooke Shields' stunt ass in the Blue Lagoon.

Thanks Protein Jones,

Hmmm... my stories get triggered in the dusty old cob-web infested memory by something someone else says but to this day whenever I see Samir Bannout we both start making the sound of a machine-gun. Why?

Well when we were training partners, our third partner "Steve W*%&^" was REALLY into crytal meth. He'd hit the gym bathroom first thing and toot some. When were training he would talk so fast that he'd stutter and he was so intense his head would shake and it would sound like a machine gun going off. Samir and I would look at each other like "what the f*ck did he say". Then we'd just make that sound and crack up.

There are more but that one brings up all the good times and killer workouts.

Oh... tried it once... HATED it. Never again.

Call the fire depatment!

When I trained at Ray Mentzers "Muscle Mill" is Redondo Beach, CA we would all go out to dinner after our workouts. Benny "beast-from-the-east" Podda, Ray Mentzer, Mike Mentzer, and 4 or 5 guys from the gym. As you can imagine most of the time it turned into a lecture from Mike and Ray. And of course there was no shortage of "test" running through our veins. Well were there's test, there's horns... woman beware.

After dinner one night one of the guys Ross is talking to some girl near her car. Now we've carpooled to the eatery so were the guys who rode with Ross are waiting. But he's making headway. Benny is getting pissed so all of a sudden we here "Ross call the fire department"!! Benny's got his pants around his ankles and had lit his pubic hair on fire (Benny loved attention). The girl freaks and hits the gas. We're all on the floor laughing our asses off!

So after that our favortite saying became "Call the fire depatment!".

Protein Jones:
;D hilarious

Some guy on here told this great story one time about how he went to a seminar in the 80's where one of the speakers was Gunnar Rosbo (I think Haney was there too), but when it was Gunnar's turn to talk he was so drunk that he kept falling down on stage.  Then someone raised his hand and asked Gunnar what his diet prep consisted of and Gunnar replied, "A case of beer and two bottles of vodka!"  I'm not sure if that's exactly how the story went but the person who told it should come back and tell it again.

Clayton used to tell a lot of stories about how much of an asshole Zane was, and how Arnold and his buddies would always drive to the beach in a station wagon loaded up with Blair's protein.  I think one day Clayton said that Zane was being really cocky and then he outbenched him (Clayton over Zane), and Arnold was so happy about it that he invited Clayton over to train.

There's been a few good stories about the jaw-dropping strength of Ray Mentzer, Casey Viator and Bertil Fox - onlyme just told another one.


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