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Tony Doherty:
I have been through boxes and boxes of photos that I have taken over the last 25 years of promoting and had them all scanned. Thought I would start a thread where I can share some pics most of you will have never seen. I will tell a few stories as I go, it's funny how a pic can remind you of a time and place and even bring back stuff you may have forgotten.

These are my own photos that I have dug out after many years.

Here we go!

Tony Doherty:
Dorian's first ever USA show, New York Night Of Champions 1990 with Beneziza who won the show. I got to MC the contest which was a big thing for me at the time, I went from a small country town in Australia to the Beacon Theater on Broadway.

Tony Doherty:
Here is a shot from about 1990 with one of my inspirations. Pete Grymkowski. I was just a nobody with a hunger to win and he told me about dreaming big and welcomed me to his world. Gold's Gym Venice. Pete was one of the largest bodybuilders of his era, competing at over 240 pounds. He began his career by winning his hometown title of Mr. Rochester (New York) in 1968. He then went on to win the 1970 AAU Mr. Eastern America, the 1971 AAU Junior Mr. USA and the 1972 AAU Junior Mr. America. In 1977 Grymkowski started competing in the IFBB and took home the Heavy Weight titles at both the Mr. America and Mr. World. After retiring from competition in 1979 Pete was one of a group of partners who bought and then transformed Gold's Gym into the worldwide empire that it is today. He sold the gym chain in 1999 but continues to be active in many areas of sport and business while devoting the majority of time to his family life. Thanks Pete, you will never know how much it meant to me.


Don't bother Tony with nonsense. He is starting a nice thread that everyone will appreciate.

Your posts will be removed to keep the integrity of the thread.


P.S. Tony, I am making this a sticky.

Tony Doherty:
Phil Hill and Sonny Schmidt backstage at maybe Niagara Falls 1990. Phil Hill was awesome and could really pose, then disappeared from bodybuilding.


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