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Bitcoins - about to hit $5,000 per coin today!

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I wasn't aware of the specifics but I was sure that the fad has passed.  Thanks for the replies.

Ask the bitcoin billionaire Vince Goodrum

Bitcoin flaws are to great. One of Bitcoins features was that it was suppose to be untraceable. It is very traceable. So no benefit over mobile pay systems like apple pay, Google pay, even PayPal. All safer then using a credit card, and the money is back by governments. 
Would have be nice for the world to have an universal currency. Too bad it will never will happen. 

I saw a documentary on Bitcoin.  What an odd group.  I'll stay with cash for now, but thanks.
Bunch of Internet geeks looking for the funny money to use as currency, created by a guy who was undefined.  Sounds legitimate.
Their big selling feature to stores is, we only take 1% of transactions.  Uhh...yeah, I'll pass again.  If the 3% on a card is that big an issue, just take cash.

Mr Anabolic:
Government beta test for an all digital currency.  Stay away from it.

Use cash for daily transactions... save in gold and silver.


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