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What happened to dan Howard?

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Of Howard's gym. Chiropractor too.

dan howard was an actor also, he can be seen in 4 movies,the biggest one was the eiger sanction[1975] with clint eastwood....he also was a gym owner and i think he franchised gyms also....he might have been an equipment manufacturer too...not 100 percent on that though.

Dan Howard made most of the equipment for the first world gym even though joe gold got the credit for it.

there's an article on dan howard in this mag...

Dan Howard came out to play in the Rose Bowl in the 60's where he met Joe Gold while working out at Gold's Gym. Dan later managed the original Gold's Gym during the filming of the movie "Pumping Iron" on Pacific in Venice California. (After Joe had sold Gold's Gym and gone out to sea.)
Dan later helped Joe Gold build equipment for Joe's original World Gym located at 2210 Main St. in Santa Monica, California. There is a picture on the internet showing Joe and Dan at the side of Joe's shop, that Joe had build next to his house in Venice. (This is were I first met Dan. The picture shows Dan and Joe and in the foreground creating the 45 degree leg press.)

Dan later moved to Orange County, and started Howard's World Gym located in Fountain Valley, California. Dan also built a line of gym equipment behind his gym called "Howard's Gym equipment". Boyer Coe also worked out of Dan's gym and helped with starting up the Body Master line of equipment.
 Dan later went on to form one of the Cowboy shooting Assoc., and went by the name "Doc Bones".  Dan also liked bench rest shooting, and built his own guns.
Dan was a true craftsman, and was never giving credit for some of the equipment he helped to create. He was a master of metal fabrication, and helped to teach Joe some of the finer points of welding, which Joe later passed on to me. Dan was also skilled in leather work creating saddles for his horses and his wife Linda on their ranch in Riverside California.
Dan and I drove out to Venice in my truck where someone name Bruce who owned several Gold's Gyms back east coast filmed Dan for a documentary on Gold's Gym. He also set a camera man out to Dan's ranch to film him working on a standing preacher bench. I hope someday the documentary will come out, because Dan was a good friend to many, but little is known about him if you look him up online.
 I would like to thank all at Getbig for allowing me to share what I know about Dan - Sunday


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