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Haney vs. Yates : Helsinki 1992

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Ex Coelis:
If Lee Haney had competed in the 1992 Mr. Olympia in Helsinki, Finland, who would have won? The TotaLee Awesome One or the Shadow?

Assume that Haney's size and conditioning were at least the same as in 1991.

I say Lee Haney would have won. He was the reigning Mr. Olympia (always counts for something), his back was still better than Dorian's, plus he was taller and had better aesthetics.

The Big Diesal was good, but wouldnt have been good enough to overtake Lee until '93 when he truly dominated.


I think if Lee chose to continue to compete than Yates wouldn't of been mr. Olympia for all of those years!

Haney would have ripped him.  ;D  However, in 1993 it seems Dorian got a really good stash of GH, insulin, clenbuterol and horse steroids that he would have won thereafter.  However, if Haney would have taken the same amount of crap...who knows.  What would be more interesting is if Sergio Oliva or Arnold took the amount of stuff the guys today take, that would have been interesting.  I have a feeling the Governator may have been the original Diesel and Oliva would have been like Ronnie...with a smaller waist. 

no he wouldnt arnold would of had a bigger waist than ronnie if he were to take all that shit his waist was wide to begin with ronnie at one point did have a small waist

Part of the reason why Ronnies waist got so out of control is because of all the stress put on his body from the exessive weights he uses. Why would you need to lift 800 pound squats. I meant look at Ronnie now. I'd say about 60 punds he hides just in his stomac and ass alone. So this is the reason why Arnold was so much bigger than Coleman.


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