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I'm going on vacation to muscle beach!

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--- Quote from: LuciusFox on March 25, 2006, 09:12:01 PM --- Go to the Firehouse ::)

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Wouldn't it just be easier to  stay around NYC and head out to FireISLAND ???


--- Quote from: HowieW on March 25, 2006, 09:13:34 PM ---Wouldn't it just be easier to  stay around NYC and head out to FireISLAND ???

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 It would be easier, and probably more pleasurable, for figgs to do that. :-X

I don't want to burst this guys bubble and maybe he will ejoy the Venice area, but for the same $$$ he could have gone on a decent cruise and got catered too, just my 2 cents

Unfortunately, Muscle Beach is a thing of the past.  Two reasons for that: 

1) every town in the country now has at least one well equipt gym.  Long ago, Gold's Venice and World's were unique.   They were much larger than you could find elsewhere and had the best equipment.

2) Venice has been gentrified.   all the cheap apartments are gone.  many have been torn down and replaced with multi-million dollar homes.   what remains cost $1500 and up for tiny little apartments.   

I suppose there could be a third reason, that Gold's Gym has been bought and sold so many times, that its now just another gym chain.

Long ago, guys moved to Venice because that's where the serious gym was and that's where other bodybuilders lived.  They moved to Venice to live the bodybuilding lifestyle full time.   Now, there are gyms just as big throughout southern California.  And rent is cheaper elsewhere.   So there is no longer a central location where bodybuilders live or hang out.

But southern California is still a great place to vacation.

You can always go into Gold's while Bob Chic is there and listen to him bad mouth Vince Taylor..Right Bob :(


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