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Arnold - Natural or not for his movies?

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Slick Vic:

--- Quote from: NarcissisticDeity on March 26, 2006, 02:26:25 PM --- I think he is still on to this day , it may not be much but I'm sure hes on .

--- End quote ---

Is this thread a joke or what?

Yeah, real natural.  ::)

Maybe after steroids got banned in '84, i think it was, but even then, his training and he probably got hrt to stay half big.

In Pumping Iron I am pretty sure he was on some shit

I think he stopped taking stuff since he retired. He wasn't big at all in comparison to when he competed. Muscle memory is also a great thing. In his movies he pretty much got his arms and chest big again. All the rest was way smaller than he was when he was competing.

Same goes when he's on Predator


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