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Could this collection of bodypart's beat Ronnie

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arnold's chest & bi's (robby r's bi's too.).  jussop willosks' or demayo's tri's.  platz legs.  metzner's forearms. materrazo calves, dorians back, paul dillets shoulders and zanes mid-section.  the majority of people from 60's-70's.



--- Quote from: nicorulez on March 27, 2006, 09:09:28 PM ---

Ronnie > Jay (Delts)
Ronnie = Ruhls (Pecs)...should have picked Haney
Ronnie = Dorian (Back)
Ronnie > Francois (arms...let's be serious)
Ronnie < Demayo (Triceps...insane triceps when living)
Ronnie < Lee (abs....duh)
Ronnie > Branch (quads...Ronnie makes Branch look like a little boy)
Ronnie > Paco (hams....never been better from the side and back)
Ronnie < Matarazzo ( of all time)

Overall, it would be close.  However, if you used Haney's chest and Platz's legs, you would have a winner. 

--- End quote ---

I just disagree about the chest part. Rühl's chest is way better than Ronnie's

George Whorewell:
Ummm Ronnie has better quads then Branch?
Take his worn posing trunks away from your nostrils

Oliver Klaushof:
Ronnie has better quads because Branch is a certified fidget.

Hulkster could beat Ronnie all day long all by his lonesome.


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