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Manion Postpones Interview on Bodybuilding Weekly

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Lift Studios:
Monday's show with special guest Jim Manion has been postponed. Unfortunately, Mr. Manion fell victim to the flu.  We will be announcing a re-scheduled date for this highly anticipated interview.  In the mean time, please enjoy a special "Encore Presentation" of our March 13th broadcast featuring emerging superstar Branch Warren - 8pm est (5pm pst).

240 is Back:
I hear that DeMilia bug is going around ;)

I heard that the Idont'tlikethescript virus might be contagious.

 ;D Now that's funny. 

Special Ed:
What a shocker! Right after he learned he'd be getting hardballs instead of softballs. I guess he can spend more time rehearsing his answers while he recovers from the "flew".

Last time I checked, the "flew" never stopped me from talking on the phone. Hope it's not the "Bird Flew"!

Special "One Flu Over the Cuckoo's Nest" Ed


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