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Manion Postpones Interview on Bodybuilding Weekly

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NiceRack, I am pretty sure Bob hasn't even come close to doing what Wayne did.  Bob has never put on a show.  Being an emcee does not count.  He has never had to deal with 20 to 40 BB at once and each one with a separate complaint while all along trying to make sure the show goes on.  The way you make it sound you make it sound like Bob has single handily change BB and the IFBB.  But he admits he does not work for the IFBB and has no affiliation with them except being a card holder.  I applaud Chic for his efforts but in the same breathe I think he is wasting his time which has been proven again and again.  Like no one showing up to the meeting.  The IFBB pros do not want help.  It is evident.  From what I see Chic is doing it to stay involved with the IFBB in some capacity. 

I have asked this before, but you have said it now a few times.  What has Chic done in 2 years more than Wayne has done in what 25+ years in the IFBB and Pro BB.  Like I said please don't include the insurance cause that is a dead issue.  Getting guys a $1,000 for placing 20th I'm not sure is a positive thing or a kick in the face.  I wished Chic all the luck in the world at the beginning but he is beating a dead horse and fighting a losing battle. 

I hope reschedules his interview.  Maybe he'll annouce his retirement.


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