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Has anyone ever seen competitors fight at a show?

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--- Quote from: sarcasm on March 28, 2006, 04:45:07 PM ---they're squaring off to see who gets to cornhole Sasha first, which is pointless because "she" would prolly do them both at the same time and not even get stretched.

--- End quote ---

you would know that because...

I had a guy throw his trophy at me once back stage , he lost to me in the overall, he was a heavy weight I was a middle weight , it just missed me and smashed to pieces, I got up as I was sitting  and was preparing for the worst , but he just mouthed off grabed his bag and left !!! never saw him again !!!!

Adam Empire:
I saw a girl at the mall the other day with killer bangs all poofed out, acid washed jeans, black heavy metal tee (Quiet Riot).  Looked straight out of a time warp.

The last time turtle necks were in style was about 2001.  Shawn is the next "80's girl".

J.Dawodu was guest posing at a show i was at in 1991 when 2 competitors started scrapping behind the curtain by the stage.He had to drag the 2 of them out by himself.they were chucked out of the show. ;D

That pic was at the Night of the Champions 2003


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