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Jihadists shouting "Allahu akbar" murder 13 customs agents

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--- Quote from: Johnny Apollo on April 09, 2006, 04:23:48 PM ---Atleast jesus personally was not as bad as Mohammed ethically speaking.

Mohammed was a "rapist, pedophile, warlord, slave trader, assassinator, dictator, nutjob".

Jesus was a long haired jewish pot smoking hippie who preached compassion and and tolerance.

Too bad the modern Christians don't emulate Jesus and the modern muslims DO emulate mohammed.

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I didn't know Jesus smoked pot!  Where did you find that info?


--- Quote from: STella on April 09, 2006, 05:57:24 PM ---I didn't know Jesus smoked pot!  Where did you find that info?

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It's all in the Da Vinci Code . Don't bother reading it mate . It is crap .
Too many errors or does Dan Brown's book THE DA VINCI CODE have it's own hidden code .
Anyways the Tom Hanks movie will be out soon .

Johnny Apollo:
Don't get me wrong. Religion is a disese of the mind. I'm not defending religion by pointing out jesus was a progressive liberal jew. I'm just defending jesus the person. At the time of Jesus the jews would often stone sinners to death going with the law of the O.T. Jesus said that the one who is sinnless among them should be the first to throw the stone. And of course they had all sinned so none could throw the stone. This had of course absolutely nothing to do with the made up "natural sin" nonsense from adam and eve.

As far as marijuana goes. The ancient jews would often use it as a "healing agent" to cure various ailments. As well as a deoderizer and things like that. They would often burn marijuana on a fire while inside of a closed tent and breath all of the smoke from it. Or they would mix marijuana with various foods and consume it that way.

It's extremly likely jesus being an ancient jew would of done these things.

Here's an article concerning marijuana in ancient jewish culture and mentions in the bible.

It's still used as an healing agent in modern medicine.

Johnny Apollo:

--- Quote from: manni on April 09, 2006, 07:42:16 PM ---It's still used as an healing agent in modern medicine.

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That's because IT WORKS!

Marijuana is safe and effective. It has never killed anyone...EVER! Yet our govt outlaws it!

Tobacco kills over 300,000 a YEAR in AMERICA alone yet our govt keeps it legal.

Can you say "Special interests"?

Corrupt politicans,Ignorant politicans...


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