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2006 IFBB NY PRO - Tentative List

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Ex Coelis:
According to the news section, the tentative competitor list for the NY is as follows:

King Kamali
Phil Heath
Darrem Charles
Dennis James
Bill Wilmore
Marcus Haley
Caprise Murray

With about a month before the show, the list is looking a little short. Of course, we already know Capriese Murray has retired and our very own Luke Wood is competing, but that's still only 7 people. Plus Federov, that's eight. Is it going to be just this 8 and then a tonne of out of shape europeans?

I see Fahkri Mubarak and Victor Martinez on the poster but I'm pretty sure Vic said he'd wait till the Olympia . . .

Well maybe our own Shawna will enter.  He is the best in history (according to him).  And he looks much worse than this.  Oh this was just before Olympia he says.  The year he won I mean lost

That's nowhere near the full list.  There's usually 40+ guys in the NY show.  I'm sure there will be again this year.  3 top guys, 5 or 6 second-rate guys, 1 or 2 surprises from Europe, and 30 scrubs.

Muhbarik is competing, and a surprise/2 from the past are competing.


--- Quote from: MisterGX on April 14, 2006, 11:17:10 AM ---Muhbarik is competing, and a surprise/2 from the past are competing.

--- End quote ---

8 or 80 guys, the Ken Jones moon walk - S/M she beast partners routine is worth the price of admission , should we be lucky ennough to see it again on stage ;D ;D ;D
Maybe he can do his "Micheal Jackson"  bit , but really pull an MJ and molest some 11 yr old boy on stage???????
A good point is being made about the lack of depth in this line up, hmmmmm, any ideas?


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