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The big bang gets challanged...oops might be a multiverse out there..

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There is more historical evidence of a Jesus existing and fullfilling prophecies that were written decades earlier in the old testiment more than there is evidence of any of Jesus' miracles being fabricated by authors, I mean c'mon, that is a stretch even for you Johnny.

thats been around god required to actually make it!

There is sufficient evidence at present to justify the belief that the universe began to exist without being caused to do so.

k i'm outie for the day...i've already read the articles..but yrs ago...if chalanged..i'll re read em to patient

I love how when science can't explain something they say "Ahh, it just happened".

Evolution just "happened", life just "happened", the universe just "happened to make itself", which is another example of sciences grand "theorys" contradicting it's own laws.

And science thinks that people who have faith are whacked up?


The big bang was not the start of anything, it was likely a periodic event that will continue to transpire for eternity. 

Seems contraversial to some but if you look into the details of life all around you, it is all in a level of periodic motion, everything!  Why not on a grand scale?  It makes far more sense that this is the truth.  Oh, but did it just happen? no of course not, this whole thing is an exchange of energy, sooner or later complex systems are going to be formed.  Complex systems like the ones that pull off big bangs..

Using that type of idea, you can start to accept that maybe there was no such thing as a "start" or an "end".    Maybe you don't have to rely on creation to explain your existence here.

Not that it technically should at this point in time Maths doesn't deal with the concept of "nothing" too well atall.  There has always been something.  There was never a start. 

That was put very well rocket.


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