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People who actually went to the Masters

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This thread can be used so people who actually saw it in person.  Lift Pud and his two or three butt buddies judge it by pictures.  Pictures don't mean shit.  Some people just photgraph great and Chic is one of them.  So the guys who actually saw it in person and heard the crowd, what is your real feeling and what was the crowds feeling.  This is more fair than ging on and looking at pictures.  Lets see what the majority has to say.

I didn't go so I will say personally from the pics Chic looked great.  Not as good as Lift Pud but who does in his eyes.  Oh yea everyone.  Sorry had toget in this last jab at Lift Pud

tony b:
Judging by the noise from the webcast, it might be hard to find anybody who went to the show

How many people were there.  Doesn't it sell out.

Theater seats approximately 1000

Morning prejudging, pro men & pro figure = started out maybe 1/4 full (at most), by the end of the pro portion of prejudging maybe 1/3 full (pro prejudging ended ~12:30).

Evening show - standing room only.  BUT by the time the pro men did their posing routines (at least 3 hours into the show) probably 1/4 the seats were empty.  By the time the top 5 awards were given out, less than 1/4 the seats were filled.

I was there. Chick deserved it.

Had the best package in the show. Least flaws compared to say, Claude, who was shocking but had a gut spilling over everywhere, or Pavol, who looked great but wasn't at his best (evidenced by his hams and glutes which have been sharper).

Believe me, I'm one of those guys who enjoys a good conspiracy, but Chich deserved it. As for the second through 5th placings... that's another story.

Rusty should have been up there, fourth behind Pavol and Claude or Claude and Pavol.


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