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Kicking off things as a pre show bonus for tonightís hearings we got the Michigan gubernatorial Republican candidate Ryan Kelley being arrested for his involvement at the Capital on Jan 6. :D

Less than five hours to go.  Still enough time to whip out another surprise.   :D

Coach is Back!:
Itís quite the Hollywood produced dog and pony show lol

Hey comrade, do you think theyíll show this official timeline that hasnít been released until today?

Coach is Back!:
Hey Comrade, since you think this is a legit hearing and due process was had, at what point do you the other side will be able to respond?

Hey Retard

Yeah I think itís a legit hearing. The fact you donít is all the proof I need to believe just the opposite.

Dos Equis:
Nobody cares.  It's not going to "reset" the 2022 midterms as hoped by a NY Times editorial.  People are going to vote their pocketbook in November.  They are going to vote based on their economic outlook.  I doubt any measurable number of independents vote based on whatever the heck this committee is doing.  It's not going to move the needle for Democrats or Republicans either.


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