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SUMMERSLAM 2022 - THT for the Beast??

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Tag team title match: This was another clinic. Jeff Jarrett didn't really do much. But, the heel turn didn't happen tonight. Ford hit the super splash, "From the Heavens". But, he did an RVD-style bounce off Jey Uso and flopped 3 feet away from his opponent. While clutching his ribs, he goes for the cover but gets a 2 count. Montez looked angry and possessed. He can't believe he didn't get three. He screams at Jarrett, asking why can't he count to three. He declares that, no matter what Jarrett does, he'll find a way to win. He forcefully tags Dawkins. He then bounces off the ropes for a suicide dive but gets kicked right in the mush and chucked over the barricade.

The Usos then double-kick Dawkins, hit the 1D, and get the win.

What's this? After we see Kid Rick drink a beer and slob down somebody, MATT RIDDLE SHOWS UP and calls out Seth "Freakin'" Rollins. Rollins appears; they fight in the aisle. Riddle deals some kicks but gets caught, forearmed in the head, and then curb-stomped. So, I guess that was consolation for the match being canceled.

Women's title match (Smackdown). It went pretty much how I thought. Rousey beat up Morgan most of the match. And she kept applying the armbar. But Morgan kept wiggling to the ropes to force the break. Rousey hit the third time but somehow Morgan rolled Rousey to her back. The ref started counting; Morgan got to tapping; but the ref counted three. Rousey then snapped and attacked Morgan after the match. Then she attacked the referee.

NOW for the BIG ONE!!!

Reigns comes out first, with lots of pyro. I'd like to see him come out last against Lesnar. But, Cowboy Brock decides to walk out only to turn and hop in a payloader and drive it to the ring. Lesnar introduces himself. After the ref introduces the champion, we have a flying Beast landing on Reigns and the fight begins.

it's all Lesnar for the first 5 minutes. Then Heyman distracts the Beast, who ends up getting Samoan-dropped through one table and Rock-Bottom through a second one. Lesnar beats the count. Back inside the ring, Reigns hits two superman punches. He does the Tribal Scream.....OH NO!...stutter-steps, and WAIT!!! He actually hit the spear!! :o

The Beast beats the count. Reigns goes for a second spear but gets caught and set up for an F-5. The Tribal Chief wiggles free and shoves Lesnar to the ropes to spear him, ala WrestleMania. But, the challenger sidesteps the champion and tosses him outside the ring. Lesnar picks up the champ and slams him into  remnants of one of the tables. Then, he goes for the payloader, raises the bucket, dumps Reigns into the bucket (after whacking him with the ring stairs and other remnants of the tables).

After hopping into the tractor, Lesnar raises the payloader bucket and dumps Reigns back into the ring. Then it's suplex city time!! After three of them, Lesnar waits for the ref's count, which Reigns barely beats. Next, it's an F-5 and Reigns squeaks to his feet, leaning on the ropes. Another F-5 attempt gets countered into a guillotine by the champion. But, the Beast counters and puts Reigns in the guillotine putting the champion out.

The ref counts to nine, Reigns rolls to his side, lunges to the second rope, and uses it to bounce to his feet just before the ten count. So, Cowboy Brock uses the tractor to move the entire ring and then lift side of the ring, causing the Tribal Chief to tumble through the other side and onto the floor.

Prying himself up by the barricade, Reigns returns to his feet. The Beast clears the announce table to do damage and just before another F-5 can commence, cue the Tribal Chief's cousins for the save. But, they both get a belly-to-back suplex. I thought Brock pulled ao Ridge Holland and jumped Jey Uso on his head and broke his neck.

The wiseman steps in front of his former client and screams, "ENOUGH!! ENOUGH!! For two years, that's my frickin' meal ticket. My children depends on him. I've been good to you for 20 years. You want them? Take 'em!! They're yours!! They're yours!! The new champion, BROCK LESNAR!!". Heyman then throws both belts on Lesnar's chest and declares him the new champion. "Enough!! LEAVE HIM ALONE!! That's my Tribal Chief! I've done everything for you!!!"

Heyman continues berating the Beast, poking him in the chest, which results in the advocate-turned-wiseman getting F-5ed into the announce table. The crowd goes insane, even moreso than when Lesnar moved the ring with the tractor.

However, The Beast's annihilation of his former advocate took his eye off the ball, resulting in another spear from the champion. Both men collapse. They beat the ten count but collapse again. And, wouldn't you know it? Austin Theory's music hits and he runs to the ring with another ref. Theory whacks Reigns in the skull with the case and goes for the cash-in. But, right before the new ref starts the new match, Mr. MITB gets dropped by Lesnar with an F-5. However, Lesnar gets two shoes in the head from the tag champs. He makes it to his feet; But, the conqueror takes another spear.

He beats the counts. So, the champ spears the challenger again. But, again Lesnar beats the ten count. An enraged Tribal Chief grabs the MITB briefcase, whacks a still-grounded Theory in the head with it, and then goes medieval on Lesnar. That doesn't quite keep the Beast down for ten. So, Reigns cracks him in the skull with the world title belt; Michael Cole is pleading with the ref to count faster to spare Lesnar any more punishment. But, that doesn't get it done. Reigns repeats the head show, this time with his blue belt, after screaming to his challenger, "DON'T EVER COME BACK!!! YOU AIN'T WELCOME HERE!!"

Reigns and company bury the Beast with what's left of the announce table, the regular table, the ring steps, and anything else they can find. Reigns stand on top of the heap; the ref counts to ten and Reigns keeps his gold!!


Wow...what a Summerslam. Lots of surprises with Bailey, Dakota Kai and Io Sharai returning and forming a faction.
Tractors, multiple f5's, bodies fying everywhere. Looks like Reigns is still on top as he should be. Why make hime lose if he's doing phenomenaly well with the title. Makes me wonder...WM Reigns vs Rock? No one else is really left.


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