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Gym Rat:
Maybe we can post our workouts here rather than in the "I bet you didn't lift" thread.
That one grew legs and is used to go back and forth w/ Brian. I enjoy reading what other folks do in their routines.
Let's hope it doesn't turn into another "bash" thread.  :D

If it dies, it dies...

I'm rehabbing my left forearm so nothing exciting.

Same thing everyday more or less.


Forearm rehab, isometrics, stretching.


Alternate db curls 45x30,50x25,55x20,60x17,65x14,70x12,75x10,80x6,85x3.
Overhead db extensions 60x30,70x25,80x20,90x17,100x14,110x11,120x8,130x6,140x4.

Weighted dips bw+90lbs 6 sets 10-20.
Chins 6 sets bw 12-6

Wrist curls 135 for 8 sets
Reverse wrist curls 65 for 8 sets

Walked 10 miles.

legs today
6 sets hacks
4 sets leg ext
4 sets single leg curls
3 sets seated calf
4 sets standing calf

Tbh I don't reveal my routines but lately I've been training pretty much every other day and I do instinctive training, day 1 chest day 2 back day 3 shoulders day 4 legs day 5 arms, that's all I'm willing to share for now. I never train for more than 35 minutes


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