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What value do members of getbig place on bodybuilding?

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wes mantooth:

--- Quote from: rufjunk on May 01, 2006, 09:34:22 AM ---Sorry I missed the debate. I've been gone.

The point of the post is to get everyone to think, my thread title was also changed.

I don't believe my post count is indicative of how priivy I am to the bodybuilding scene. You can't flame guys with big post counts and do the same with those who "only have 120 something posts".

So anyway, why do people care about bodybuilding?

Why do you lift?

Let's share.

--- End quote ---

post count is not indicitive of how priivy you are to anything. it just seemed strange that a person who seemingly wanted to come here and bash bodybuilding would have 120 posts on a bodybuilding board???

i see now that you are trying to turn over stones and get some discussion here.


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