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What value do members of getbig place on bodybuilding?

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Always Sore:

--- Quote from: Dingleberry on April 27, 2006, 12:55:33 PM ---Exactly, we all talk about lifting but no one really does it. Have you tried it? those things are freaking heavy!

--- End quote ---

plus it really takes time away from my studies in art and stamps.

What value do members of getbig place on bodybuilding?
Cause this is a Bodybuilding board named GetBig

The process of lifting weights to increase muscle size and eating many meals routinely throughout the day is not an enlightening process.
*Teaches Discpline and the concept of working towards a goal **

There's no needed college degree, the only thing required in this brute type regimen is dedication.
*HAving a college degree doesnt make you better..i e Bill Gates (i have a degree though)**

If this is the case, why do so many people dedicate themselves to this regimen?
*We dont want to look ugly, and this provides us with the means to avoid ugliness**

Is it strictly to push themselves or is it for another reason?
*It may be just to feel and look better**

Do people think standing up on stage with your body exposed will change them in some sort of way, give them never-ending confidence? Will fix their lives?
**I dont know never stood up on stage, to each their own**

What is it about bodybuilding that causes everyone to browse this message board, to pay attenetion to pros, to read magazines, to buy supplements, why?
** Cause its interesting, motivating and fun , esp when you shit on pros like Lee Preist for gettin Tysons tattoo and melting down***

Is it no different to dedicating yourself to another activity? What is the end value? Why is this important? Why do people care?
*well to look good, you can do a few things, diet (part of BB), implants/sythol(part of Derek Anthony and Milos) or TRAIN

Always Sore:
aww Jaejonna you went and gave a real answer to this assclown...


--- Quote from: Always Sore on April 27, 2006, 01:01:54 PM ---aww Jaejonna you went and gave a real answer to this assclown...

--- End quote ---

I think he is writing a paper for school or something


--- Quote from: sarcasm on April 27, 2006, 12:52:42 PM ---translation=my wife started going to the gym and started fucking some bodybuilder.

--- End quote ---

hahahahahahaha, gold!!!

With Good Nutrition, ...Good Things Happen!
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Dan Duchaine, 2006


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