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Meatball Ron Desantis’ support dropping - is he cooked?

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Down 12% since December.  Despite more favorable coverage from the mainstream media compared to Trump, doesn’t seem like he’s got what it takes to garner national appeal.  Of course, he has yet to formally announce a presidential campaign.

I suspect he will see the writing on the wall and pretend like he was never seriously considering a presidential run.  Better to sit this one out and try in 2028 when the field has presumably cleared out, than go up against Trump and risk losing.

Does anyone think he will win the republican primary?

DeSantis is a lightweight. He cannot handle the 24/7 political witch-hunts that only TRUMP can endure.

Homo sapienegros

Median Black household incomes highest levels on record
Black unemployment rates and poverty rates down to their lowest levels
Black Women college enrollment (Negro man still listening to rap  ::), not Trump's fault)
Highest number of black small businesses opening

Interracial Marriage Protection Law (Told you white men and Asian women are inter-ethnic so they are not the highest group of interracial marriages.  Phucking please understand the difference.) so this is a blatant erasure policy but if you don't like yourself and the women who look like you then I guess that isn't a problem  ::)

Another black lie in office.

Mother isn't a black woman, not a quadroon from black woman lineage

Black great grandmother - grandmother - biracial mother (black identity) - quadroon

You have been warned.

But there was a lot of racial tension under Trump.

Men fight battles. They don't sit in each others' laps to be cuddled. That's what you have your mother for.

Gym Rat:
He's good for FLA.
Not everyone is good for the global stage... Shitter of Pants proves that daily as he stumbles around.

Trump will lose the election and you'll get 4 more years of THIS. Desantis will shit down Biden's neck. Or Newsom's. With a moderate female as VP it would be an avalanche.

Polls schmolls. His antiwoke hit in Florida. It'll hit nationally.


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