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Guy I know where I used to train is now in the hospice , end of life at this point I think
Gave him 5 months and its almost 5 months now

51, just got married last year

Feminist tries to go undercover as a Man for 18 months to expose "MALE PRIVILEGE", but the result is so traumatizing for her that she ends her life.

Ex-Red Sox knuckleballer Tim Wakefield and wife have cancer

Former Red Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield has been diagnosed with brain cancer, according to former teammate Curt Schilling.

The diagnosis was announced Tuesday by Schilling on his podcast, “The Curt Schilling Baseball Show.”

In doing so, Schilling admitted he didn’t know if Wakefield wanted the diagnosis shared.

Schilling also revealed that Wakefield’s wife, Stacy, is “very sick with pancreatic cancer.”

Lost many family to the Big C.  :'(


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