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The biggest robbery in BB history caught on tape !!

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Flex was dwarfing Ronnie so badly in the entire upper body at that point (especially arms and delts), you can see that he was absolutely convinced that he had him this year and was so disappointed the judges f*cked him over once again :-\

michael arvilla:
I was there ....( we all thought Flex was a sure thing ) was totally shocked when Ronnie won! .....

Harry johnson 5 th place finisher in 55 mr a aau. as seen on far right.     1955 Mr America - AAU

1     Steve Klisanin
2     Ray Schaefer
3     Vic Seipke
3     Don Van Fleteren
5     Harry Johnson (1)
6     Mickey Hargitay
7     Jerry Ross
8     Art Harris
9     Gene Bohaty
10     Ron Lacy
11     Tony Silipini
12     Dennis Nelson
13     Ed Garza

Most Muscular
1     Ray Schaefer

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--- Quote from: affeman on September 30, 2023, 11:55:29 AM ---Still painful to watch :-\


--- End quote ---
Is some sort of joke

Flex should have been disqualified for his oil usage.  Arms/delts looked fucking disgusting.  Ronnie crushed him.


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